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Which Shots When?

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How do I know which shot to give my dog or puppy?
What do all those letters mean (DA2PPv, L4 and so on)?
What is Lepto and when is it dangerous to vaccinate for it?
What is the difference between a 5 way and a 7 way shot?
What age can I vaccinate for Rabies and how often?

Do any of these questions sound familiar? Ever try to decipher all the 'mumbo jumbo' and 'vet-speak'?

There seems to be a lot of confusion and some very common misconceptions about puppy shots and dog vaccinations in general...

Here are some links to help clarify and demystify the truth about your dog's shots.

About dog vaccines: an explanation of the many different types of vaccination shots

D - Distemper
A2 - Adenovirus 2 (2 types)(includes Hepatitis)
P - Parainfluenza
Pv - Parvovirus (AKA CPv or Canine Parvovirus)
L - Leptospira Bacterin (AKA Lepto, L4 or Leptospirosis)
Cv - Coronavirus

Dog Vaccination Schedule: When to give which Vaccines?

What is Leptospirosis (Lepto)and Is My Dog at Risk?

As always, information given here is meant to be helpful and/or educational. It is, in no way, intended to supersede, challenge or supplant the diagnosis, treatment or advice of a licensed veterinarian.

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